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This single piece is - I dare say - the pinnacle of 21st century Western art.

While Beebo Part 11 might not be as good as some of its prequels, the retention of the celebrated original style, humor and animation makes it stand out in the Flash portal as a reminder of what truly constitutes a great Flash movie. By employing a distinct and consistent style, original humor, great narrative, superb voice acting, skilled use of sound effects and original characters fabulous999 has succeeded at the incredibly risky and difficult task of making a worthy sequel in the Beebo series.

Beebo Part 11 reminds us that there is a lot more to Flash movies than great or complex animation. Beebo is about delivering the complete package.

- naru

fabulous999 responds:

I give this review a 5/5.

Great overall

This is a bundled package of good animation, a fitting score and a neat story. I don't have to say much about this Flash movie, but if you were to improve it (I am aware of the three week working time) I would advice you to add more detail to the graphics, develop the fighting scenes and add some more variety to them and lastly also develop the story.

Overall however I think this was a very nice submission as it had a good quality overall - something which I believe should be preferred over say mixed quality submissions (really good animation but unfitting score, as an example).

Keep it up!
8/10 - 4/5

- Naru

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Extremely hard

In an annoying way.. I do _NOT_ know if it is supposed to be like that .. Anyhow, start off by fixing the movement, it's not really "fun-challenging" but rather "annoying-challenging" the way it is now .. Also, less repetitive music could work well.

Has potential but is totally ruined by horrible character control.
3/10 2/5
- naru


I remember this game very well from 2004, I always rewinded it just to hear Klaus Badelt's He's A Pirate, since I didn't own the song myself (I do now). As for the game itself, it has a good concept but it could be developed a lot further.

The interface is pretty bad, just a low quality map, it could easily be replaced with different scenes with buttons for every 'action' that you do.

The game was also, despite you calling it extremely hard, very easy. I hardly needed to learn what most of the different things you could do actually did before I won.

Make it harder, develop the graphical features and interfaces.
5/10 - 2/5
- Naru

Interesting style

I like the style of this game and I think that the gameplay is simple and smooth. The lack of a set amount of 'lives', 'ammo', 'HP' and stuff like that is I if you ask me just a good thing.

The only downsides would be that it was a bit too simple and the boss music didn't really seem fitting to me.

Otherwise, great job! Keep it up.

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Should've reviewed this long ago..

But I didn't.

Point is .. this is an undeniable classic which surely serves as the Newgrounds anthem. Bob, you're my hero ..


I just vacuumed to this song!
Nice sound.
I think you're missing a "c" in the title (infertehno-infertechno?)

Shinrog responds:

was in purpose =)

it's good

You can play it great but I think you might wanna try it with just a little less distortion.

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Love it!

The style for background is so simplistic yet utmost brilliant.

Keep it up!
- naru

Great style

Really inspiring style! I love this piece of art!

Too school for cool since 2004.

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